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The LifeWatch eel research is winning prizes!

Added on 2019-09-04 16:01:35 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
Pieterjan Verhelst is one of the nominees for the Flemish PhD Cup 2019, an initiative from Scriptie vzw, in collaboration with media partners De Morgen, Radio 1 and EOS.
During his PhD, Pieterjan studied the movement behavior in relation to habitat fragmentation of European eel (Anguila anguilla Linnaeus), using acoustic telemetry as part of the LifeWatch Marine Observatory.

Ten jury members selected his eel telemetry research for the Flemish PhD Cup 2019, together with another 15 candidates, out of 73 submissions.

The coming weeks, all 16 nominees will get training to communicate their research to a wider audience (6-7 September), but also in communication related to media and journalists (20-21 September).

After this intensive communication immersion, the nominees will enter a competition to communicate their research in a 3-minute pitch presentation for a jury. The semi-finals take place on September 25th, and the finals (where you can be present upon registration) on October 6th.

The first prize is a ticket for training at the Vlerick Business School. In addition, there is an audience prize as well, which can be won through voting by the audience. Both winners will receive the necessary media and communication attention, as well as the unique chance to give a lecture at the ‘Universiteit van Vlaanderen'.

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The LifeWatch eel research is winning prizes!


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