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UPDATE: EMODnet Biology workshop on data formatting QC & publishing

Added on 2020-06-03 15:21:55 by Beja, Joana
Due to the current pandemic and the travel restrictions, the EMODnet Biology team will provide the workshop as an online event.
The EMODnet Biology workshop on data formatting, QC & publishing is taking place from June 8th 2020. Due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, the course was restructured and will be delivered online. The attendees will follow the course through the Ocean Teacher platform and a number of live sessions will be scheduled to address any questions  and go deeper into the topics if required.
The course currently has more than 40 attendees registered, from the associated data grant partners, to the EMODnet Biology partners and also attendees external to the project. Numbers that would not be possible if we were delivering an in-presence workshop.
The course can be done in different steps and, to account for the different work routines, the team has accommodated a two week period for all participants to complete it. Later this week more information will be sent to all attendees, including the final schedule and information on how to attend the live sessions

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