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Belgian Biodiversity Platform (BELSPO-BBPF)

Parent institute: Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO), more

Thesaurus terms (3) : Biodiversity; Data acquisition; Databases
Vautierstraat 29
1000 Brussel

Fax: +32-(0)2-627 41 13
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Type: Administrative

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Our mission is to foster biodiversity research that contributes to sustainable development, by:

  • Facilitating access to biodiversity data, science and research information;
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary cooperation amongst scientists;
  • Stimulating interaction between scientists, policy makers and stakeholders in biodiversity research;
  • Advising on the designation of biodiversity research priorities;
  • Promoting Belgian biodiversity research at international fora.

Task and services

To accomplish our mission, the platform:

  • Valorizes Belgian biodiversity data by making them accessible worldwide, through a unified web portal. As national node for the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), we offer support to researchers in developing, linking and, eventually, hosting databases;
  • Develops BioBel, a reference database on biodiversity related research and resources in Belgium;
  • Animates thematic forums and organizes events on topical issues in biodiversity research to encourage communication and discussion between scientists, policy makers and stakeholders; they act as catalysts for the integration of science into biodiversity conservation and policy and as kernel for projects on specific problems related to the management and conservation of biodiversity;
  • Analyses scientific research with a view to contribute to the development of an effective and appropriate science policy;
  • Serves as interface between researchers and Belgian and international science policy organizations. As such, the platform is the secretariat of the European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy (EPBRS) and the National committee of the international biodiversity programme DIVERSITAS.

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Projects (3)  Top | Persons | Publications | Events | Datasets 
  • ANTABIF: Antarctic Biodiversity Information Facility, more
  • Niet-inheemse soorten in het Belgisch deel van de Noordzee en omliggende estuaria, more
  • PESI: A Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure, more

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  • User & Stakeholders Meeting, more
  • EBR II Conference - Empowering Biodiversity Research, more
  • Empowering Biodiversity Research, more
  • Empowering Biodiversity Research Conference II - POSTPONED TO 2021, more
  • LifeWatch Biodiversity Day 2021: biologging & camera trapping, more
  • LifeWatch Biodiversity Day 2022: Habitat mapping - POSTPONED, more
  • LifeWatch Biodiversity Day 2023: Habitat mapping, more
  • LifeWatch Biodiversity Day 2024: Taxonomy, more
  • User & Stakeholders Meeting 2020 - ONLINE EVENT, more
  • Scientific Tools for in situ Biodiversity Conservation (monitoring, modelling and experiments), more

Datasets (3)  Top | Persons | Publications | Projects | Events 
  • Global Register of Introduced and Invasive Species - Belgium, more
  • RIPARIAS target species list, more
  • Rotifera Checklist for ERMS 2.0, more

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