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Prof. Boxshall, Geoff
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My main research focus is the systematics and biology of copepods, with special emphasis on parasitic and planktonic forms. I am interested in the adoption of parasitism which has happened in at least 10 separate lineages in copepods and they exploit almost every other phylum as hosts from Porifera to chordates. I find that WoRMS is enormously useful when I need to get up-to-date host nomenclature. I believe that there is robust evidence from host-specificity and from biogeography that allows us to look at the relative importance of co-evolutionary versus colonization events in determining host-parasite relationships. I am involved in the preparation of an interactive web-based key for the identification of sea lice (family Caligidae). These copepods are one of the major health problems for farmed fish worldwide. I am also interested in the colonization of marine and anchialine caves by crustaceans. These habitats seem to serve as refuges for basal representatives of numerous lineages and I have been studying the basal radiation of the Calanoida prior to their conquest of the open ocean pelagic zone.

I have been employed as a researcher at the Natural History Museum, London since 1974. I am also the Secretary of the Zoological Society of London, and I currently serve as a Trustee on the Board of SAHFOS, the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science.

Taxonomic terms: Branchiura [WoRMS]; Copepoda [WoRMS]; Mystacocarida [WoRMS]; Tantulocarida [WoRMS]

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  • Natural History Museum; Department of Zoology, more
  • Function: Merit Researcher, Invertebrates Division
    Direct contact at institute:
    Tel.: +44-(0)20-7942 57 49
    Fax: +44-(0)207-942 54 33
  • WoRMS Editorial Board (WoRMS editors), more
  • Function: Taxonomic editor

Previous institute  Top | Institutes | Publications | Projects | Datasets 
    WoRMS Steering Committee (SC), more From 2013
    Function: chair
    Period: till 22nd Aug 2016

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  • Biodiversity and ecosystem function under changing climatic conditions - the Arctic as a model system, more
  • Bringing biogeographical data online, more
  • Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning - EU Network of Excellence, more

Datasets (9)  Top | Institutes | Publications | Projects | Datasets 
  • Boxshall, G. (2024). World List of Merostomata. Accessed at on yyyy-mm-dd., more
  • Boxshall, G.A. (2024). World List of Bochusacea. Accessed at on yyyy-mm-dd, more
  • Boxshall, G.A. (2024). World List of Brachypoda. Accessed at on yyyy-mm-dd, more
  • Boxshall, G.A. (2024). World List of Mystacocarida. Accessed at on yyyy-mm-dd, more
  • Boxshall, G.A.; Huys, R. (2024). World List of Tantulocarida. Accessed at on yyyy-mm-dd, more
  • ERMS 2.0: Costello, M.J.; Bouchet, P.; Boxshall, G.; Arvantidis, C.; Appeltans, W. (2008). European Register of Marine Species. Http:// Accessed on yyyy-mm-dd. [previously: Costello, M.J.; Bouchet, P.; Boxshall, G.; Emblow, C.; Vanden Berghe, E. (2004). European Register of Marine Species. Available online at Consulted on [date]., more
  • WoRCS: Gerovasileiou, V.; Martínez García, A.; Álvarez Noguera, F.; Boxshall, G.; Humphreys, W.F.; Jaume, D.; Becking, L.E.; Muricy, G.; van Hengstum, P.J.; Yamasaki, H.; Bailly, N.; Iliffe, T.M. (2024). World Register of Marine Cave Species (WoRCS). Accessed at on yyyy-mm-dd, more
  • Türkay, M. (2015). Personal Decapoda distribution Database for Europe., more
  • Walter, T.C.; Boxshall, G. (2024). World of Copepods Database. Accessed at on yyyy-mm-dd, more

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