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Tutorials & use cases

As to facilitate the use of the LifeWatch webs services, several applications and tools were documented in use cases and tutorials. These can be found on the links below, as well as on the specific websites of software packages and Github repositories. Still having some trouble? Don't hesitate to ask your questions to info@lifewatch.be!

E-Lab tutorials & use cases

The Belgian LifeWatch E-Lab online application allows users to standardize, analyze and visualize their data, making use of web services built on top of internal and external reference databases. A user can select several data services (taxonomic, geographic, thematic, etc.) and run them successively through a straightforward user interface. As explained in the user guide, the LifeWatch.be web services can be used in a concatenated way, i.e. the output of one web service is the input for the next web service. Establishing such workflows helps solving (complicated) biological questions, illustrated in the following use cases:

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E-Lab - Use Case 1
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E-Lab - Use Case 2
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E-Lab - Use Case 3
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E-Lab - Use Case 4