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Proceedings of the 2nd international symposium on deep-sea hydrothermal vent biology, Brest, France 8-12 October 2001
Desbruyères, D.; Juniper, K. (Ed.) (2002). Proceedings of the 2nd international symposium on deep-sea hydrothermal vent biology, Brest, France 8-12 October 2001. Cahiers de Biologie Marine, 43(3-4). Station Biologique de Roscoff: Roscoff. 211-441 pp.
Part of: Cahiers de Biologie Marine. Station Biologique de Roscoff: Paris. ISSN 0007-9723; e-ISSN 2262-3094, more
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  • 2nd International Symposium on Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Biology, more

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  • Desbruyères, D., editor, more
  • Juniper, K., editor

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