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Departement Geografie-Geologie (KULeuven)
Out of use record
This institute has changed, see institute underneath
Departement Aard- en Omgevingswetenschappen (KULeuven), more

English name: Department of Geography-Geology
Parent institute: KU Leuven (KULeuven), more

Level: Department

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Publications (15)  Top | Datasets 
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  • Peer reviewed article Van de Broek, M.; Govers, G. (2019). Quantification of organic carbon concentrations and stocks of tidal marsh sediments via mid-infrared spectroscopy. Geoderma 337: 555-564., more
  • Peer reviewed article Adriaens, R.; Zeelmaekers, E.; Fettweis, M.; Vanlierde, E.; Vanlede, J.; Stassen, P.; Elsen, J.; Srodon, J.; Vandenberghe, N. (2018). Quantitative clay mineralogy as provenance indicator for recent muds in the southern North Sea. Mar. Geol. 398: 48-58., more
  • Peer reviewed article Du, S.; Gu, H.; Wen, J.; Chen, K.; Van Rompaey, A. (2015). Detecting flood variations in Shanghai over 1949-2009 with Mann-Kendall tests and a newspaper-bases database. Water 7(5): 1808-1824., more
  • Peer reviewed article Dommergues, J.-L.; Goolaerts, S. (2012). Oxyarietites boletzkyi n. gen., n. sp., nouveau genre et nouvelle espèce d'ammonite dans le Sinémurien inférieur de Bourgogne (France): un rare précurseur des morphologies oxycônes pour le Jurassique. Geodiversitas 34(3): 517-529., more
  • Peer reviewed article Mohamed, I.N.L.; Verstraeten, G. (2012). Analyzing dune dynamics at the dune-field scale based on multi-temporal analysis of Landsat-TM images. Remote Sens. Environ. 119: 105-117., more
  • Peer reviewed article Breesch, L.; Swennen, R.; Vincent, B. (2009). Fluid flow reconstruction in hanging and footwall carbonates: compartmentalization by Cenozoic reverse faulting in the Northern Oman Mountains (UAE). Mar. Pet. Geol. 26(1): 113-128., more
  • Peer reviewed article Guasti, E; Speijer, R.P. (2008). Acarinina multicamerata n. sp. (Foraminifera): a new marker for the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum. J. Micropalaeontol. 27: 5-12, more
  • Peer reviewed article Zeelmaekers, E.; Vandenberghe, N.; Srodon, J. (2008). GEOC 10 - Unraveling the provenance of the North Sea muds in the Belgian coastal area using clay mineralogy. Abstr. Pap. Am. Chem. Soc. 235, more
  • Peer reviewed article Van Itterbeeck, J.; Sprong, J.; Dupuis, C.; Speijer, R.P.; Steurbaut, E. (2007). Danian/Selandian boundary stratigraphy, paleoenvironment and Ostracoda from Sidi Nasseur, Tunisia. Mar. Micropaleontol. 62(4): 211-234., more
  • Peer reviewed article De Boever, E.; Depreiter, D.; Swennen, R.; Henriet, J.-P. (2006). Integrated geophysical and petrological study of fluid expulsion features along the Moroccan Atlantic margin. Geophys. Res. Abstr. 8: 04233, more
  • Peer reviewed article Ernst, S.R.; Guasti, E.; Dupuis, C.; Speijer, R.P. (2006). Environmental perturbation in the southern Tethys across the Paleocene/Eocene boundary (Dababiya, Egypt): Foraminiferal and clay mineral records. Mar. Micropaleontol. 60(1): 89-111., more
  • Peer reviewed article Guasti, E.; Speijer, R.P.; Brinkhuis, H.; Smit, J.; Steurbaut, E. (2006). Paleoenvironmental change at the Danian-Selandian transition in Tunisia:Foraminifera, organic-walled dinoflagellate cyst and calcareousnannofossil records. Mar. Micropaleontol. 59(3-4): 210-229., more
  • Peer reviewed article Vilasi, N.; Swennen, R.; Roure, F. (2006). Diagenesis and fracturing of Paleocene-Eocene carbonate turbidite systems in the Ionian Basin: The example of the Kelcyra area (Albania). J. Geochem. Explor. 89(1-3): 409-413., more
  • Peer reviewed article Guasti, E.; Kouwenhoven, T.J.; Brinkhuis, H.; Speijer, R.P. (2005). Paleocene sea-level and productivity changes at the southern Tethyan margin (El Kef, Tunisia). Mar. Micropaleontol. 55(1-2): 1-17., more
  • Peer reviewed article Scheibner, C.; Speijer, R.P.; Marzouk, A.M. (2005). Turnover of larger foraminifera during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum and paleoclimatic control on the evolution of platform ecosystems. Geotechnique 33(6): 493-496., more

Datasets (2)  Top | Publications 
  • Long-term sedimentation on tidal marshes in the Scheldt estuary, more
  • Short-term sedimentation on tidal marshes in the Scheldt estuary, more

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