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European Centre for Risk Assessment bvba (EURAS)

Thesaurus terms (11) : ; Biochemistry; Ecosystems; EIA; Environmental monitoring; Hydrobiology; Risk assessment; Risk assessment; Risk assessment; Risks; Toxicology
Kortrijksesteenweg 302
9000 Gent

Tel.: +32-(0)9-241 77 00
Fax: +32-(0)9-241 77 02
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EURAS has been established in 1996 from the key activities developed at Ghent University (Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology). EURAS provides assistance to the industry and governmental agencies in the field of environmental toxicology and risk assessments and its scientific services are embedded in the sound academic experience of the core project team. In 2001, EURAS joined forces with ECOLAS. By this alliance EURAS has strengthened its position by obtaining specialist expertise in Environmental Impact Assessment, socio-econometrics and marine ecosystems. In 2006 ECOLAS decided to join the ranks of the international ARCADIS group, an international company providing consultancy, engineering and management services in infrastructure, environment and facilities, to enhance mobility, sustainability and quality of life. This evolution further broadens the scope of environmental knowhow in the fields of in situ technologies, remediation and global product stewardship. Together with ARCADIS Belgium and BBL Science, another subsidiary of the ARCADIS group, EURAS-ECOLAS complements now over 20 experienced professionals involved in REACH relating issues holding advanced degrees in many areas including toxicology, biochemistry, hydrobiology, environmental technology and statistics. Within the worldwide ARCADIS group the environmental expert team adds up to 2,800 specialists.

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  • Peer reviewed article Caldwell, D.J.; Mastrocco, F.; Hutchinson, T.H.; Länge, R.; Heijerick, D.; Janssen, C.; Anderson, P.D.; Sumpter, J.P. (2008). Derivation of an aquatic predicted no-effect concentration for the synthetic hormone, 17a-ethinyl estradiol. Environ. Sci. Technol. 42(19): 7046-7054., more
  • Peer reviewed article De Schamphelaere, K.A.C.; Koene, J.M.; Heijerick, D.G.; Janssen, C.R. (2008). Reduction of growth and haemolymph Ca levels in the freshwater snail Lymnaea stagnalis chronically exposed to cobalt. Ecotoxicol. Environ. Saf. 71(1): 65-70., more
  • Peer reviewed article Erk, M.; Muyssen, B.T.A.; Ghekiere, A.; Janssen, C.R. (2008). Metallothioneins and cytosolic metals in Neomysis integer exposed to cadmium at different salinities. Mar. Environ. Res. 65(5): 437-444., more
  • Peer reviewed article Erk, M.; Muyssen, B.T.A.; Ghekiere, A.; Janssen, C.R. (2008). Metallothionein and cellular energy allocation in the estuarine mysid shrimp Neomysis integer exposed to cadmium at different salinities. J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 357(2): 172-180., more
  • Peer reviewed article Sioen, I.; De Henauw, S.; Verbeke, W.; Verdonck, F.; Willems, J.L.; Van Camp, J. (2008). Fish consumption is a safe solution to increase the intake of long-chain n-3 fatty acids. Public health nutr. (Wallingford) 11(11): 1107-1116., more
  • Peer reviewed article Sioen, I.; Van Camp, J.; Verdonck, F.; Verbeke, W.; Vanhonacker, F.; Willems, J.; De Henauw, S. (2008). Probabilistic intake assessment of multiple compounds as a tool to quantify the nutritional-toxicological conflict related to seafood consumption. Chemosphere 71(6): 1056-1066., more
  • Peer reviewed article Sioen, I.; Bilau, M.; Verdonck, F.; Verbeke, W.; Willems, J.; De Henauw, S.; Van Camp, J. (2008). Probabilistic intake assessment of polybrominated diphenyl ethers and omega-3 fatty acids through fish consumption. Mol. Nutr. Food Res. 52(2): 250-257., more
  • Peer reviewed article Sioen, I.; De Henauw, S.; Verdonck, F.; Van Thuyne, N.; Van Camp, J. (2007). Development of a nutrient database and distributions for use in a probabilistic risk-benefit analysis of human seafood consumption. J. food compos. anal. (Print) 20(8): 662-670., more
  • Peer reviewed article Sioen, I.; Van Camp, J.; Verdonck, F.A.M.; Van Thuyne, N.; Willems, J.L.; De Henauw, S.W.J. (2007). How to use secondary data on seafood contamination for probabilistic exposure assessment purposes? Main problems and potential solutions. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment 13(3): 632-657, more
  • Peer reviewed article Verslycke, T.; Vangheluwe, M.; Heijerick, D.; De Schamphelaere, K.; Van Sprang, P.; Janssen, C.R. (2003). The toxicity of metal mixtures to the estuarine mysid Neomysis integer (Crustacea: Mysidacea) under changing salinity. Aquat. Toxicol. 64(3): 307-315., more
  • Arijs, K.; Versonnen, B.; Vangheluwe, M.; Vanhoorne, B.; Cuvelier, D.; Vanden Berghe, E.; Mees, J.; Ghekiere, A.; Janssen, C.R. (2007). DIMAS Development of an integrated database for the management of accidental spills. Part 2. Global change, ecosystems and biodiversity - SPSDII: final report. Belgian Science Policy: Brussel. 69 pp., more
  • Sioen, I.; Verdonck, F.; Van Thuyne, N.; Vanrolleghem, P.A.; De Henauw, S.; Van Camp, J. (2007). Probabilistic risk-benefit analysis regarding seafood consumption. Universiteit Gent. Faculteit Geneeskunde en Gezondheidswetenschappen: Gent. 1 poster pp., more
  • Sioen, I.; Van Camp, J.; Verdonck, F.; Van Thuyne, N.; Vanrolleghem, P.A.; Vanhonacker, F.; Verbeke, W.; De Henauw, S. (2006). Risk-benefit analysis regarding seafood consumption: a tool for combined intake assessment. Organohalogen Compounds 68: 379-382, more
  • Vangheluwe, M.; Van Sprang, P.; Speleers, L.; Janssen, C.R. (1999). Ontwikkeling van een toxiciteits-identificatie methodologie voor mariene sedimenten. Case studie: Haven van Zeebrugge. Activiteitenverslag - periode: 02-99/09-99. Afdeling Waterwegen Kust: Oostende. 23 pp., more

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  • DIMAS: Development of an Integrated Database for the Management of Accidental Spills, more
  • INRAM: Integrated Risk Assessment and Monitoring of micropollutants in the Belgian coastal zone, more
  • MIMAc: Marine Incidents Management cluster - MIMAc, more

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