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OSD2019: Ocean Sampling Day 2019, registry of samples and environmental measurements from 2019
Stavroulaki, M.; Polymenakou, P.; Kristoffersen, J.B.; Mavraki, D.; Tarifa, G.; Kostadinov, I.; Exter, K.; Kotoulas, G.; EMBRC-ERIC; (2021): Ocean Sampling Day 2019, registry of samples and environmental measurements from 2019.

Archived data
Availability: CC0 To the extent possible under law, the person who associated CC0 with this dataset has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this dataset.

Notes: Data types available: spreadsheets and documentation

Ocean Sampling Day is a simultaneous sampling campaign of the world's oceans which took place for the first time on the summer solstice of 2014, and was picked up again in 2018. Water samples and environmental measurements were made by the OSD participants, with the water samples being processed into DNA sequences. In this record we provide spreadsheets of the collected data from all the participants of the 2019 event, to which has been added the IDs of the genomics data derived from the material samples. more

Ocean Sampling Day was a project that began in 2014 (see for the data from that year), and in 2018 the OSD network was picked up by the Horizon 2020 project ASSEMBLE Plus, within the Joint Research Activity "Genomics Observatories", and with the support of EMBRC ERIC. Following standardised protocols, water samples were taken and shipped to a centralised location for processing, this being coordinated by the Institute of Marine Biology and Biotechnology (IMBBC) of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research. Environmental measurements were recorded, following protocols, and those logsheets also processed by IMBCC. DNA metabarcoding data on 16S and 18S rRNA were produced on the Illumina MiSeq system, at HCMR. Metagenomic shotgun sequencing was performed by Genoscope on the Illumina NovaSEq 6000 system. Curation, quality control and FAIRification of the data have been achieved by a team involving researchers from HCMR (Dimitra Mavraki, Dr. Melanthia Stavroulaki, Dr. Jon Ben Kristoffersen) for digetisation of logsheets and metadata QC, VLIZ (Katrina Exter) and GFBio (Dr. Ivailo Kostadinov) for additional metadata QC and adding of semantics and machine-interoperability. In this dataset you will find the documentation used in 2019 (SOPs, Handbook, logsheet templates); a data spreadsheet (CSV format) containing the sampling and event details, collected environmental measurements, and the accession numbers of the sequences in the European Nucleotide Archive; and a metadata spreadsheet (CSV format) in which descriptions, units, and the used vocabularies are given. In version 2 of these data (the current record) an additional flagging of the environmental measurements has been added, to make users aware of potential discrepancies in the reported units. The data provided via the Marine Data Archive (MDA) are human-understandable, while additionally machine-accessible data formats are provided via the OSD Github space (see data links).

Biology > Ecology - biodiversity, Biology > Plankton, Water composition > Bulk chemistry (e.g. pH, TCO2), Water composition > Dissolved gases, Water composition > Nutrients, Water composition > Suspended matter - turbidity
Marine/Coastal, Fresh water, Brackish water, ASSEMBLEPlus Joint Research Activity 1, Biodiversity, Biological sampling, Data, DNA, Environmental surveys, Marine metagenome, Metabarcoding, Metagenomics, ANE, Cadiz Gulf, ANE, Danish Exclusive Economic Zone, ANE, English Channel, ANE, France, ANE, Portugal, Ria de Formosa, ANW, Canada, Nova Scotia, Bedford Basin, ANW, Canada, Nova Scotia, Sable I., ANW, USA, South Carolina, Charleston Harbor, MED, Adriatic, MED, Adriatic, Gulf of Trieste, MED, Adriatic, Northwest, MED, Adriatic, South, MED, Crete Sea, MED, Italy, Messina Strait, MED, Italy, Veneto, Venice Lagoon, MED, Trieste Gulf

Geographical coverage
ANE, Cadiz Gulf [Marine Regions]
ANE, Danish Exclusive Economic Zone [Marine Regions]
ANE, English Channel [Marine Regions]
ANE, France [Marine Regions]
ANE, Portugal, Ria de Formosa [Marine Regions]
ANW, Canada, Nova Scotia, Bedford Basin [Marine Regions]
ANW, Canada, Nova Scotia, Sable I. [Marine Regions]
ANW, USA, South Carolina, Charleston Harbor [Marine Regions]
MED, Adriatic [Marine Regions]
MED, Adriatic, Gulf of Trieste [Marine Regions]
MED, Adriatic, Northwest [Marine Regions]
MED, Adriatic, South [Marine Regions]
MED, Crete Sea [Marine Regions]
MED, Italy, Messina Strait [Marine Regions]
MED, Italy, Veneto, Venice Lagoon [Marine Regions]
MED, Trieste Gulf [Marine Regions]

Temporal coverage
21 June 2019
Not relevant

Alkalinity (pH)
Ammonium (NH4+)
Dissolved organic carbon (DOC)
Dissolved Oxygen concentration
Nitrate (NO3-)
Nitrite (NO2-)
Organic matter concentration
Phosphate (PO43-)
Pigment concentration
Silicate (SiO44-)

Hellenic Centre for Marine Research; Institute of Marine Biology, Biotechnology and Aquaculture (IMBCC), moredata creatordata creator
European Marine Biological Research Centre (EMBRC-ERIC), moredata creator
Hellenic Centre for Marine Research; Institute of Marine Biology and Genetics (IMBG), moredata creator
Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), moredata creator
German Federation for Biological Data (GFBio), moredata manager
Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee (VLIZ), moredata manager

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ASSEMBLE+: Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories Expanded, more
EMBRC: European Marine Biological Resource Centre, more

Dataset status: Completed
Data type: Data
Data origin: Monitoring: field survey
Release date: 2022-01-15
Metadatarecord created: 2021-11-29
Information last updated: 2022-10-21
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