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Dispersal of invertebrate key species based on molecular methods. [Verspreiding van sleutelsoorten binnen de invertebraten gebaseerd op moleculaire technieken.]
Remerie, T.; Marine Biology Section - Ugent; (2006): Dispersal of invertebrate key species based on molecular methods.
Contact: Onderzoeksgroep Mariene Biologie (UGent-MARBIOL), more

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This dataset contains data on molecular biodiversity and the dispersal of key species of invertebrates, based on molecular methods. more

The aim of this research is to study the genetic diversity of some dominant invertebrate species - populations from the North Sea, North Atlantic and adjacent estuaries. Patterns of genetic diversity within and between species may be used to identify cryptic species, to reconstruct the evolutionary history of a group, and to accurately estimate biodiversity. Population genetic structure may be useful to provide quantitative estimates of dispersal (gene flow) across a species' geographic range and to understand the extent to which dispersal is determined by ocean currents. Temporal resolution: Belgian stations and Westerschelde stations are sampled yearly. Other samplings were collected only once. Data will be transferred to the Genbank database. (http://

Biology, Biology > Ecology - biodiversity, Biology > Invertebrates
Dispersal phenomena, Indicators, Invertebrates, Key species, Marine Genomics, Molecular structure, Phylogenetics, Phylogeography, Population genetics, ANE, Europe, European Continental Shelf, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, ANE, Baltic, Vistula Bay, ANE, Belgium, Belgian Continental Shelf (BCS), ANE, Belgium, Brugge, Zeebrugge, ANE, Belgium, East Coast, Paardenmarkt, ANE, Belgium, East Coast, Vlakte van de Raan, ANE, Belgium, Hinder Banks, Noordhinder, ANE, Belgium, Hinder Banks, Oosthinder, ANE, Belgium, Koksijde, Oostduinkerke-Bad, ANE, Belgium, Nieuwpoort, ANE, Belgium, Oostende, ANE, Belgium, Zeeland Banks, Goote Bank, ANE, British Isles, England, Cornwall, Looe Estuar, ANE, British Isles, Scotland, Grampian, Ythan Estu, ANE, Finland, Tvärminne, ANE, France, Gironde Estuary, ANE, France, Seine Estuary, ANE, Germany, Weser Estuary, ANE, Ireland, Kilkeran Lake, ANE, Netherlands, Bollen van het Zand, ANE, Netherlands, Nauw van de Banjaard, ANE, Netherlands, Oosterbank, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Bath, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Hansweert, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Terneuzen, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Verdronken Land van Saeftinge, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Vlissingen, ANE, Portugal, Mondego Estuary, ANE, Portugal, Ria de Aveiro, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Doel, MED, Spain, Catalonia, Ebro Delta, MED, Spain, Guadalquivir estuary, Mesopodopsis slabberi (Van Beneden, 1861), Neomysis integer (Leach, 1814)

Geographical coverage
ANE, Europe, European Continental Shelf [Marine Regions]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde [Marine Regions]
ANE, Baltic, Vistula Bay [Marine Regions]
ANE, Belgium, Belgian Continental Shelf (BCS) [Marine Regions]
ANE, Belgium, Brugge, Zeebrugge Stations [Marine Regions]
Station 701
Coordinates: Long: 3,1569; Lat: 51,3842 [WGS84]
ANE, Belgium, East Coast, Paardenmarkt Stations [Marine Regions]
Station 702
Coordinates: Long: 3,3189; Lat: 51,3842 [WGS84]
ANE, Belgium, East Coast, Vlakte van de Raan Stations [Marine Regions]
Station 780
Coordinates: Long: 3,05; Lat: 51,4694 [WGS84]
ANE, Belgium, Hinder Banks, Noordhinder Stations [Marine Regions]
Station 630
Coordinates: Long: 2,5567; Lat: 51,6375 [WGS84]
ANE, Belgium, Hinder Banks, Oosthinder Stations [Marine Regions]
Station UG8
Coordinates: Long: 2,5836; Lat: 51,4825 [WGS84]
ANE, Belgium, Koksijde, Oostduinkerke-Bad Stations [Marine Regions]
Station 115
Coordinates: Long: 2,6031; Lat: 51,1622 [WGS84]
ANE, Belgium, Nieuwpoort Stations [Marine Regions]
Station 120
Coordinates: Long: 2,7019; Lat: 51,1861 [WGS84]
ANE, Belgium, Oostende Stations [Marine Regions]
Station 790
Coordinates: Long: 2,8536; Lat: 51,2908 [WGS84]
ANE, Belgium, Zeeland Banks, Goote Bank Stations [Marine Regions]
Station 330
Coordinates: Long: 2,8139; Lat: 51,4333 [WGS84]
ANE, British Isles, England, Cornwall, Looe Estuar [Marine Regions]
ANE, British Isles, Scotland, Grampian, Ythan Estu [Marine Regions]
ANE, Finland, Tvärminne [Marine Regions]
ANE, France, Gironde Estuary [Marine Regions]
ANE, France, Seine Estuary [Marine Regions]
ANE, Germany, Weser Estuary [Marine Regions]
ANE, Ireland, Kilkeran Lake [Marine Regions]
ANE, Netherlands, Bollen van het Zand Stations [Marine Regions]
Station V3
Coordinates: Long: 3,6303; Lat: 51,7603 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Nauw van de Banjaard Stations
Station V5
Coordinates: Long: 3,5258; Lat: 51,7417 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Oosterbank Stations
Station V4
Coordinates: Long: 3,6444; Lat: 51,8006 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Bath Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 4,225; Lat: 51,365 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Hansweert Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 4; Lat: 51,4367 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Terneuzen Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 3,825; Lat: 51,345 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Verdronken Land van Saeftinge Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 4,0783; Lat: 51,37 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Vlissingen Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 3,57; Lat: 51,4167 [WGS84]
ANE, Portugal, Mondego Estuary [Marine Regions]
ANE, Portugal, Ria de Aveiro [Marine Regions]
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Doel Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 4,2733; Lat: 51,3133 [WGS84]
MED, Spain, Catalonia, Ebro Delta [Marine Regions]
MED, Spain, Guadalquivir estuary [Marine Regions]

Temporal coverage
October 2000 - 1 October 2003

Taxonomic coverage
Mesopodopsis slabberi (Van Beneden, 1861) [WoRMS]
Neomysis integer (Leach, 1814) [WoRMS]

Mitochondrial DNA sequences Methodology
Mitochondrial DNA sequences: SSCP analysis
see Sunnucks et al. (2000)

Mitochondrial DNA sequences: DNA sequencing (Kocher et al. (1989))
see Kocher et al. (1989)

Universiteit Gent; Faculteit Wetenschappen; Vakgroep Biologie; Onderzoeksgroep Mariene Biologie (MARBIOL), moredata creatordata managerdata ownertaxonomic identifierdataset publisher
Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO), moredata owner

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Based on this dataset
Remerie, T. (2005). Molecular diversity and population structure of two mysid taxa along European coasts = Moleculaire diversiteit en populatiestructuur van twee taxa aasgarnalen langsheen Europese kusten. PhD Thesis. Universiteit Gent. Vakgroep Biologie, sectie Mariene Biologie: Gent. 209 pp., more

Dataset status: Completed
Data type: Data
Data origin: Research
Metadatarecord created: 2004-05-10
Information last updated: 2017-11-17
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