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Bioacoustics Day 2022

This year, LifeWatch VLIZ  and WMR (Wageningen Marine Research) are organizing Bioacoustics Day. This annual event about research in acoustic is hosted by VLIZ at the InnovOcean Campus in Ostend.

Several LifeWatch VLIZ colleagues are attending this event (Carlota Muñiz, Jan Reubens and Elisabeth Debusschere) while others are presenting on different inspiring topics:


  • Arienne Calonge: ‘Co-occurrence of seabass, cod and cetaceans in an innovative Analysis’

  • Clea Parcerisas: 'Categorizing shallow marine soundscapes using unsupervised clustering and explainable machine learning'

  • Sarah Schmidlin: ‘Sounds as a settlement cue: How does marine noise influence oyster larvae behaviors?’.

InnovOcean, VLIZ
Jacobsenstraat 1
8400 Ostend
Thursday, December 1, 2022 - 09:00 to 17:00