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Spring migration 2014

In the course of March and April 2014, the Lesser Black-backed Gulls and Western Marsh Harriers started their spring migration and returned to their breeding grounds in Flanders. Similar to the autumn migration, some birds traveled over land, while others preferred to follow the coastlines. By March 20th, the first Lesser Black-backed Gulls arrived at their breeding grounds in Flanders; by April 3th, the first Western Marsh Harriers arrived. By the end of April all tagged birds were back in Flanders.

By clicking on the map on the right, you are redirected to an interactive map displaying the spring migration of 2014. The map shows the data of Eric by default, but in the map legend you can select other individuals.

Below you can find out more about the peculiar journeys of Harry (♂) and Jozef (♂).


Past data - Harry and the boat trip


Harry and the boat trip

Harry (719), a male Lesser Black-backed Gull, started his spring migration early March. From Sevilla he followed the Portuguese and Spanish coasts. When crossing the Bay of Biscay, he found a ship to rest, but unfortunately for him the ship was going south. When he realized he was going the wrong way, he continued his northward journey. Following the French and Belgian coasts he reached Zeebrugge at the end of March, being the first tagged gull to be spotted back.

For an animated visualization of Harry's boat trip, click on the image on the left.

For some additional CartoDB visualization, click here.

Past data - Jozef and the spring break in Marrakech


Jozef and the spring break in Marrakech

Jozef (610), a male Western Marsh Harrier, started his spring migration mid March. He crossed the Saharan dessert until he reached Marrakech, where he stayed a few days to recover. He arrived in Europe via the Gibraltar Strait, the same route he took during his autumn migration in 2013. The rest of the journey went overland, across Spain and France, until he reached his breeding grounds in East-Flanders mid April.

For an animated visualization of Jozef's spring break, click on the image on the left.