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Temperature and salinity data in the Southern North Sea and the English Channel [1903-1965]

The data collection combines historic sea surface temperature and salinity measurements in the Southern Bight of the North Sea and the English Channel. The time series is a compilation of measurements recovered from historic Belgian research campaigns situated around 1903-1913; 1930-1938, 1949-1965. The data sources focused on in this series, are the original data sheets resurfaced from the ZWI Archive, data downloaded from ICES data repository and data published in the revision paper of Van Meel 1975: La Mer du Nord méridionale, le Pas-de-Calais et la Manche.

Gilson G.; Leloup E.; Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (IRScNB/KBIN); Zeewetenschappelijk Instituut (ZWI), Belgium (2015): Time series of water temperature and salinity measured during Belgian campaigns in the Southern part of the North Sea and English Channel 1903-1965. https://doi.org/10.14284/67

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IZWO paper reports - VLIZ Archive
Van Meel, L (1975)

Gustave Gilson
Eugène Leloup

When in 1900 ICES was established, Gustave Gilson convinced Belgian authorities of the importance of an international cooperation. The B1-B16 stations became the international recognized sampling locations for the Belgian monitoring campaigns. These stations are positioned along the transfer lines between Belgium, France and the UK: Blankenberge-Orfordness line (B1-B8); cap Gris-Nez-Dover line (B10-B12); Gravelines-Deal line (B13-B16) and Ostend-Tilbury line. Gilson also used the steamers on these lines to collect surface temperature. Fixed platforms such as lightships were also used for observations. The West-Hinder is located in the Belgian part of the North Sea and recognized as research platform to measure meteorological as well as oceanographic measurements.



The sampling frequency differs from daily measurements, to monthly registrations and even seasonally aggregated data. Next to temperature and salinity, monthly values for chlorinity (1949-1965), alkalinity (1951-1965) and oxygen (1958-1965) are available as well. Data are missing between 1913-1930 and 1938-1949 to be explained by a period of inactivity due to World War I and II and financial deficit.