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Dalhousie University

Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 3J5
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Type: Education
Level: University

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  • Dalhousie University; College of Sustainability, more
  • Dalhousie University; Department of Biology, more
  • Dalhousie University; Department of Earth Sciences, more
  • Dalhousie University; Department of Oceanography, more
  • Dalhousie University; Ocean Tracking Network (OTN), more

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  • Johnson, H.D. (2022). Advancing baleen whale acoustic and habitat monitoring in the Northwest Atlantic. PhD Thesis. Dalhousie University: Halifax. xii, 166 pp., more
  • Bradet-Legris, J. (2021). Distribution and elemental composition of picoplankton in the North Pacific Ocean. MSc Thesis. Dalhousie University: Halifax. vi, 48 pp., more
  • Bryndum-Buchholz, A. (2020). Marine ecosystem impacts and management responses under 21st century climate change. PhD Thesis. Dalhousie University: Halifax. xv, 215 pp., more
  • Daigle, R.M. (2013). The influence of swimming on the vertical and horizontal distribution of marine invertebrate larvae. PhD Thesis. Dalhousie University: Halifax. 181 pp., more
  • Reesor, C.M. (2012). Temporal distribution of Morone saxatilis eggs and larvae and Neomysis americana in the Shubenacadie estuary. MSc Thesis. Dalhousie University: Halifax, Nova Scotia. 100 pp., more
  • Ricard, D. (2012). Ecology and evolution of heavily exploited fish populations. PhD Thesis. Dalhousie University: Halifax. xvii, 135 + appendices pp., more
  • Campbell, D. Calvin (2011). The Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic geological history of the outer continental margin off Nova Scotia, Canada: Insights into margin evolution from a mature passive margin. PhD Thesis. Dalhousie University: Halifax. 280 pp., more
  • Abidi, S.S.R.; Daniyal, A.; Abusharek, A.; Abidi, S.R. (2010). Semantic web services for ocean knowledge management. Dalhousie University: Canada. [no pag.] pp., more
  • Javaux, E. (1999). Distribution of benthic foraminifera in modern sediments of Bermuda: implications for Holocene sea-level studies. PhD Thesis. Dalhousie University: Halifax. , more
  • Volckaert, F.A.M.J. (1988). The implications of heterozygosity in the scallop Placopecten magellanicus (Gmelin). PhD Thesis. Dalhousie University: Halifax. 113 pp., more
  • Volckaert, F.A.M.J. (1983). The spatial pattern of Polychaeta in soft sediments and the influence of food supply on their patchiness. MSc Thesis. Dalhousie University: Halifax. 95 pp., more

Datasets (15)  Top | Persons | Institutes | Publications 
  • A Study of Attached Benthic Foraminifera Associated With The Deep-Sea Coral Primnoa resedaeformis On The Scotian Margin, more
  • Benthic Forams collected on the Continental Margin off Nova Scotia between 1979-1981, more
  • BOOPAP: Buoys of Opportunity - Porcupine Abyssal Plain, more
  • BOOPIRATA: Buoys of Opportunity - Prediction and Research Moored Array in the Tropical Atlantic, more
  • BOORAMA: Buoys of Opportunity - Research Moored Array for African-Asian-Australian Monsoon Analysis and Prediction, more
  • BOOSBI: Buoys of Opportunity - SmartBay Ireland, more
  • Distribution, composition and abundance of zooplankton in Chignecto Bay during 1978, more
  • KERG: Kerguelen Brown Trout Tracking - Behaviour of brown trout in marine environments and in the exploration of pristine rivers on the colonization front, more
  • Leopard seal (Hydrurga leptonyx) observations and occurrences in the Southern Ocean, more
  • MEL: Benthic samples collected by divers with a suction dredge from Bedeque Bay, an estuary in Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1967, more
  • Migration and foraging ecology of Greater Shearwater, more
  • Sargasso 2004 - Seabirds, more
  • Sargasso 2005 - cetacean sightings, more
  • Sargasso sperm whales 2004, more
  • V2LNR: Sea trout and the coastal marine ecosystem, more

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