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BLOG POST: Can we find the gulls back?

Added on: 2016-02-22 09:33:21 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
Operation Agadir: an expedition to retrieve lost tracking data ...

New LifeWatch data paper published!

Added on: 2016-02-02 12:26:37 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
GPS tracking data of Lesser Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls breeding at the southern North Sea coast ...

Support WoRMS editors through the VLIZ philanthropy programme

Added on: 2016-01-29 12:42:36 by Vandepitte, Leen
Users and the public at large can now make financial contributions to support the work of the many WoRMS editors. This can be done through the recently established VLIZ philanthropy programme, where ‘Support the WoRMS Editors’ has been recognized as a philanthropy project. ...

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Aphia data system

Added on: 2015-12-15 17:10:24 by Vandepitte, Leen
Ever wondered about the structure and functionalities of Aphia, the database behind e.g. WoRMS? No need to be puzzled anymore, as a paper has recently been published on this subject. ...

Ultimate synchronisation of Hexacorallians of the World and WoRMS

Added on: 2015-12-07 09:47:36 by Vandepitte, Leen
For years, Daphne Fautin has kept her Hexacorallians of the World Database online. Early April, she has retired from her zoology job at the Kansas University and will be taking on new challenges. ...

Report of a very successful LifeWatch Data Analysis Workshop (November 26th-27th 2015, Ostend)

Added on: 2015-12-02 13:58:18 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
Biodiversity data preparation and analysis using the LifeWatch virtual labs and web services. ...

A South African artist has ‘caught’ all fish names from WoRMS in an impressive artwork, with an environmental message

Added on: 2015-11-05 13:33:41 by Vandepitte, Leen
In January 2015, the WoRMS data management received an unusual request from a South African artist, Craig McClenaghan, who was searching for a full list of the world’s marine fish species. ...

BLOGPOST: A tutorial on visualizing bird tracking data with CartoDB

Added on: 2015-09-17 12:14:52 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
An introduction to using CartoDB for tracking data, based on two workshops the INBO gave. ...

Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean published!

Added on: 2015-09-11 09:38:47 by Vandepitte, Leen
The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) has recently published the comprehensive “Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean”, as a legacy of the International Polar Year (2007-2009). ...

MolluscaBase officially launched!

Added on: 2015-08-25 16:43:21 by Vandepitte, Leen
After more than a year of planning and preparations, the MolluscaBase portal is ready to be launched! ...

New Steering Committee in place

Added on: 2015-08-25 13:09:44 by Vandepitte, Leen
The WoRMS Steering Committee welcomes Nicolas Bailly and Nicole Boury-Esnault as new SC members. ...

Call for applications - LifeWatch money available to support data grants and to organize editor workshops

Added on: 2015-08-05 09:04:24 by Vandepitte, Leen
Through LifeWatch, The Flanders Marine Institute – host of the WoRMS database – has a budget available to financially support editors to address a number of priority gaps within WoRMS. This can be done either through (1) data grants or (2) the organization of an editor-workshop. ...

LifeWatch support in 2014 made it possible to make WoRMS more complete

Added on: 2015-07-31 12:18:57 by Vandepitte, Leen
In 2014, LifeWatch funded several activities directly leading to the improvement and further completion of the World Register of Marine Species. LifeWatch has invested in data grants, meetings and workshops, leading to the addition of more than 7.600 new names to WoRMS, a revision of almost 19.000 names and the development of new portals and tools, helping the user and editor community in accessing and utilizing WoRMS. ...

BLOGPOST: Bird tracking explorer released

Added on: 2015-07-02 14:31:29 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
LifeWatch INBO has developed an open source tool to let you explore the bird tracking data. ...

Did lack of food contribute to the death of 120 000 saiga antelopes?

Added on: 2015-06-30 10:59:54 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
See how unusual snow and vegetation greenness at the end of the migration period could have been critical to the survival of this endangered species.

LifeWatch INBO is looking for an Open Data Publisher

Added on: 2015-06-29 17:03:36 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
Vacancy for open data publisher at the Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO)

Successful WoRMS Steering Committee meeting on June 8th – highlights

Added on: 2015-06-26 12:00:33 by Vandepitte, Leen
The WoRMS Steering Committee held its meeting on June 8th – World Oceans Day! – at the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) in Crete. ...

BLOG POST: Using CartoDB to visualize how far birds migrate in a single night

Added on: 2015-06-19 10:12:46 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
Read about the nightlife of birds in this latest LifeWatch INBO blog post! ...

Meet Joana, the 100th tagged bird!

Added on: 2015-06-04 17:44:21 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
The GPS tracking network for large birds now includes over 100 tagged birds ...

WoRMS Steering Committee (SC) meeting 8 Jun 2015 in Crete, Greece

Added on: 2015-06-04 16:34:28 by Vandepitte, Leen
The next WoRMS SC meeting will be held on 2015-06-08, back to back with an EMODNet Marine Species Traits and EU-BON meeting. ...