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LifeWatch Observatory Sensors Meeting

Added on: 2017-03-22 15:43:15 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
On Thursday January 26th 2017, the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) and imec met for the first time to explore opportunities for collaboration on sensor data analysis. ...

PRESS RELEASE - Critically endangered eels arrive in our Flemish rivers after a 6000 kilometer migration

Added on: 2017-03-20 10:36:03 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
With spring hanging in the air, also the glass eels are arriving at the Flemish coast. Coming from the Sargasso Sea they currently are swimming up rivers and channels, a journey full of obstacles. Here and elsewhere in Europe, the numbers of arriving glass eel dropped drastically to a fraction (2%) of the numbers arriving 50 years ago. One of the main reasons for this sharp decline and their status as 'Critically Endangered' species are the many barriers that adult eel experience in their migration route to the sea. ...

New European 'Big Data' e-infrastructure to support biodiversity research

Added on: 2017-03-17 16:25:23 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
On March 17th 2017, the European Commission granted the legal status of European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) to the e-Science and Technology European Infrastructure for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research (LifeWatch). With this measure, the EU provides the facility with many administrative advantages enjoyed by international organisations and therefore helps to successfully implement the infrastructure project. ...

Today is Taxonomist Appreciation Day!

Added on: 2017-03-17 15:18:31 by Vandepitte, Leen
Back in 2013, Terry McGlynn – researcher & associate Professor of Biology at the California State University Dominguez Hills – has declared March 19th as a new holiday, being “Taxonomist Appreciation Day”. ...

Successful external acoustic tagging of twaite shad Alosa fallax (Lacépède 1803)

Added on: 2017-03-13 14:17:41 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
New publication about the Fish Acoustic Receiver Network ...

When OTN meets ETN...

Added on: 2017-03-09 11:41:38 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
During the European Telemetry Network (ETN) / Ocean Tracking Network Database (OTN) Workshop (February 14th-17th 2017, Halifax, Canada), the technical teams from ETN and OTN compared their database infrastructure, evaluated and planned for collaborative efforts to carry forward, and discovered new methods, both policy and programming, to strengthen the collaborative efforts of OTN and the ETN. ...

Thanks to many hands the World Register for Marine Species is becoming more complete

Added on: 2017-02-10 09:25:44 by Fockedey, Nancy
The World register for marine species (WoRMS) aspires to contain all marine species ever described worldwide in one list. With the financial assistance of the project LifeWatch we were able to organize several data grants, meetings and workshops for experts in the course of 2016 designed to further improve this register and continue to complete it. The result? Thousands of new names added, a revision of (tens of) thousands already available names, and the development of new portals and tools, helping the user and editor community in accessing and utilizing WoRMS. ...

Aristotle and marine biodiversity

Added on: 2016-12-15 12:16:56 by Vandepitte, Leen
Although many people are not aware of this, Aristotle has made many contributions to the field of marine biology. To celebrate his specific contributions, we are featuring 5 stories linking Aristotle's scientific contributions to taxonomy, ecology and species distributions to current day initiatives. ...

Big brother is watching you!

Added on: 2016-12-08 14:01:15 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
Find out more about the four Birdcams currently installed in the Belgian Marine LifeWatch Observatory ...

The LifeWatch Wallonia-Brussels team publishes their ecotope database of the Walloon region

Added on: 2016-11-24 10:17:24 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
This prototype of object-based landscape description provides more than 80 biotic and abiotic variables for functionally homogeneous landscape units. Online navigation tools help you navigate through the integrated information layers and the database is available for ecological modelers. ...

Heading south or north: novel insights on European silver eel Anguilla anguilla migration in the North Sea

Added on: 2016-11-22 11:04:56 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
New publication about the Fish Acoustic Receiver Network ...

Nutritional Stress Causes Heterogeneous Relationships with Multi-Trait FA in Lesser Black-Backed Gull Chicks

Added on: 2016-11-22 10:15:58 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
Interesting new publication about an aviary experiment ...

Does rain trigger the migration of silver eels?

Added on: 2016-11-07 10:57:03 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
In order to try and answer this question, Pieterjan Verhelst tagged an additional 36 silver eels for his doctoral research as part of the Belgian LifeWatch infrastructure. ...

LifeWatchGreece Special Collection in Biodiversity Data Journal

Added on: 2016-11-04 10:08:18 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
The LifeWatchGreece Special Collection is now available in Biodiversity Data Journal, with a series of articles highlighting key contributions to the large-scale European LifeWatch RI. ...

Why was there higher than usual vegetation greenness in Italian Alps valleys?

Added on: 2016-11-03 11:39:41 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
Read all about it in the next issue of the Bulletin of Land Surface Dynamics (first half of 2016)!

New version of the Maritime Boundaries

Added on: 2016-10-21 10:40:00 by Claus, Simon
In this new release, Marine Regions updates the global Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) (version 9), and launches the completely new datasets for Territorial Seas (TS), Contiguous Zones (CZ), Internal Waters (IW) and Archipelagic Waters (AW). ...

New Steering Committee, Chair and Vice-chair in place for WoRMS

Added on: 2016-10-17 12:30:46 by Vandepitte, Leen
Following the nominations and elections earlier this year for a number of positions within the Steering Committee (SC), the new WoRMS SC, with a newly elected chair and vice-chair is in place. ...

World List of Tardigrada launched

Added on: 2016-10-17 11:40:24 by Vandepitte, Leen
The World List of Tardigrada is now available! ...

New EMODnet Biology Blog

Added on: 2016-09-22 16:26:46 by Claus, Simon
A new EMODnet biology blog has been launched. The blog will be used to share thoughts and ideas on the products EMODnet biology is developing. The first post is about the gridded zooplankton time series of the North Atlantic.

LifeWatch support in 2015-2016 made it possible to make WoRMS more complete

Added on: 2016-09-22 09:55:42 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
In 2015-2016, LifeWatch funded several activities directly leading to the improvement and further completion of the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS). LifeWatch has invested in data grants, meetings and workshops, leading to the addition of thousands of new names to WoRMS, a revision of (tens of) thousands already available names, and the development of new portals and tools, helping the user and editor community in accessing and utilizing WoRMS. ...