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LifeWatch ecotopes in the spotlight at LPS2019

Added on 2019-05-20 11:30:29 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
The LifeWatch ecotopes were highlighted as a great practical application of EAGLE like concepts in the "next gen" session of ESA's Living Planet Symposium 2019.
The European Space Agency’s 2019 Living Planet Symposium, an event which is held every three years, took place from 13 to 17 May 2019 in Milan, Italy, with the support of the Italian Space Agency. This symposium focuses on how Earth Observation contributes to science and society, and how disruptive technologies and actors are changing the traditional Earth Observation landscape, which is also creating new opportunities for public and private sector interactions.

During this symposium, the LifeWatch Wallonia-Brussels team co-chaired the Terrestrial Biodiversity session on Monday May 13th, and presented its latest results in an oral presentation and a poster.

More information about the LifeWatch ecotope database can be found here.


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