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Historical catch data from shrimp fisheries in the Belgian Part of the North Sea [1932-2001]

This data collection is a reconstruction of the scientific (by)catch data from shrimp fisheries in the Belgian part of the North Sea (BPNS) since 1930. Within the framework of LifeWatch and with the cooperation of the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO), an inventory was made of potential sources on scientific catch data from shrimp fisheries in the Belgian Part of the North Sea. A part of the data was already available in a digital file format, but a substantial part is recovered from paper registration forms used during sampling. This project is still ongoing and results are not made available yet.

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Belgian Marine Bibliography (BMB) - Garnaalvisserij
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Benthos and commercial fish species counts, biomass

Gustave Gilson
Eugène Leloup

The data collection can be divided in four main data series. The first record dates back until 1932. Gilson investigated the impact of shrimp fisheries on young fish  [Gilson, G. (1935). Recherches sur la destruction du jeune poisson par la pêche crevettière sur les côtes de Belgique]. In 1946 Gilis and Leloup started an inventarisation of the bycatch for shrimp trawling, and studied the negative impact of shrimp fisheries on shrimp & fish population. In the frame of Projekt Zee the Rijksstation voor Zeevisserij, CLO Gent started monthly fishing campaigns on by-catches and stock recordings from scientific shrimp fishery surveys in Belgian Waters. The campaign lasted from 1970 until 1981 and was coordinated by Frank Redant.